Podcast One; ETC Comp Discussion

The shownotes for Episode 1: 

Welcome to Episode 1. 

Chris and Dan chat about what they have been up to in the hobby since the last podcast and a few interesting underempire.net forum topics.

Torpored's Blog
Skaven's Plight
Hannanibal's Painting Tutorial (lesson 1)
How to deal with the Banner of the World Dragon

The main topic of the podcast is the Skaven ETC lists. They do a bit of an ETC intro, tactics, comp etc. then get into some number-crunching to see what the most popular lists were, then put together an "average" Skaven ETC list and pick out a couple of their favourite lists.    

The full 2013 ETC comp is here
The full 2013 ETC lists are here

The lists we discussed were :

The "Average" List

Grey Seer - Bell, Skalm
Cheiftain BSB - Shield, Banner of Eternal Flame
Assassin - Weeping Blade, Potion of Strength
Warlock Engineer - Level 2, Warp Energy Condenser
Warlock Engineer - Level 1, Dispel Scroll
Warlock Engineer - Doomrocket
38 Stormvermin - FC, Storm Banner
37 Slaves - music, champ
40 Slaves - music, champ
40 Slaves - music, champ
7 Gutter Runners - Slings, poison
7 Gutter Runners - Slings, poison
Hell Pit Abomination
Warp Lightning Cannon
5 Giant rats - packmaster
2 Rat swarms

Chris's Favourite

Craig Johnson, Skaven

Warlord: Fellblade, 190
Warlord: Shield, Warlitter, Warpstone Armour, Sword of Anti-heros, Dawnstone, Ironcurse Icon, 218
Warlord: General, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Sword of Might, 190
Chieftain: Halberd, 47
Chieftain: Halberd, The other Trickster’s Shard, Dragonbane Gem, 67
Chieftain: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Banner of Verminous Scurrying, 84
Engineer: Doom Rocket, 45
Engineer: Obsidian Lodestone, 60
Engineer: Level 2, Ruin, Dispel Scroll, 125
Assassin: Weeping Blades, Potion of Strength, 170
29 Storm Vermin: Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame, 238
40 Storm Vermin: Full Command, 305
2x 21 Slaves: Champion, Musician, 48
21 Slaves: Musician, 44
2x 2 Rat Swarms: 50
2x 5 Gutter Runners: Slings, Poison, 90
1 Warp Lightning Cannon: 90
1 Doom Wheel: 150
Total: 2399

Slurpy Tan, Skaven
Grey Seer: General, Level 4, Plague/Ruin, Power Scroll, Foul Pendant, 305
Warlord: Shield, Fellblade, 193
Chieftain: BSB, Shield, Standard of Discipline, 87
Chieftain: Halberd, Obsidian Lodestone, 92
Warlock Engineer: Level 2, Ruin, Dispel Scroll, 125
Warlock Engineer: Level 1, Ruin, Doomrocket, 95
Warlock Engineer: 15
Assassin: Weeping Blade, Potion of Strength, 170
40 Stormvermin: FCG, Storm Banner, 355
3x 38 Skavenslaves: Champion, Musician, 82
2x 5 Giant Rats and 1 Packmaster: 23
2x 5 Gutter Runners: Slings, Poisoned Attacks, 90
1 Warp Lightning Cannon: 90
1 Hell Pit Abomination: Warpstone Spikes, 250
1 Doomwheel: 150
Total: 2399

Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the intro music.