Podcast 5 Fluff

Welcome to Podcast Ep 5 (55 rat hounds died during the recording of this pod, you'll understand at the end). 

As always listener discretion is advised if you are easily offended or against cursing you might want to give this a miss however I would say it is less offensive than usual this time, 
The start of Part two might offend some so you might want to skip the first couple of minutes but I don't think it is that bad in all honesty but you were warned.

The fluff saga by request you asked about fluff we talked about it!


Joined by a variation of people to give their views and opinions,
This Pod covers everything from the question who is the dark wanderer to is the great horned one really a demon?   
Because of the concerns raised about the length and size of the file it has been hacked up and sized down again and again until you got what I guess we could call the best bits of just over 12 hours of audio
This has been one beast of a recording and taken lots of effort so I think special thanks are in order for everyone who contributed.

And here is a question for the old rats on the forum Does anyone know what book mentions the location of the warhammer world aka the old world??

I know i've read about it but then again I am been reading about warhammer for 66% of my life now so I will be damned if I can remember.
Also if you know which book has the images of the 40K skaven art work as that mentioned and I have seen it myself I believe it was a specialist art book for 40K concepts but that is all I can remember about it.
Also does anyone remember who the avatar of khaine was suppose to be ? It comes up I am not sure how well I am remembering my fluff

Links to things mentioned :-

Story competition
Dan Abnett website
C L Werner link (since his personal blog was so out of date I found this more recent post to do him some justice)
Chronicles of Inheritance
Completed Novels
Campaign Story Lists
Skaven Paintball
Skaven Paintball 2
Silas life work Black Chasm
Guide to RPGing
Fiction Rules and Guidelines
Skavenblight Gazette

Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the intro music. 

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Pod project so far and if you want to get involved feel free to get in touch