SkavenBlight Podcast 3

A quick warning/disclaimer: 
We have always had a degree of adult language in the podcast but in this one we get a little carried away with it, we must have both been on the sweary juice. 
We have a bit of talk about piracy, we do not endorse piracy and even if it sounds like we are doing so, please take it in the tonuge-in-cheek fashion in which it was intended. 

Full Contents:
0:00 - Intro and recent events
21:00 - Forum Threads Dimco's Skaven
24:50 - How to take better model pictures
34:00 - More forum threads Army Book Pricing
42:00 - Ratstars and Wither/Drain magic

Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the music. 

The pic we were laughing at comparing High Elves and Dark Elves: here.

Apologies for the late post I hadn't taken into consideration that the 13th dropped on a day I would be working.