Skaven Pod Two Outpost Tourni

Please be advised this is an adult podcast some bad language does occur but it is moderate.

Show Notes :

Welcome to Podcast 2. 

Chris and Dan talk about what they have been upto, Dan's new army (not Skaven. Boo, Hiss!), what caught their eye on the Skaven forum, 
the recent tournament they both went to at The Outpost in Sheffield along with some chat about how the Daemons of Chaos book is working out now people have had a chance to get used to it. 
They also chat about the Underempire council elections and the rumours of Dark Elves arriving soon. 

Links for our favourite therads are: 
Krajji's Horde - Clan Rlyejj
Project Log (conversions)
Den of Imagination

Sorry if we ran a bit long for some people's tastes. 
We plan to get the main show out on the Dreaded 13th of every month from now on with an occasional special at the start/end of the month which should help us keep the length to the less than an hour that is our theoretical goal.  

Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the intro music. Thanks to Chris for doing the editing on this one and the show notes :)